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About PrepBin
PrepBin a marketplace for teachers & students to sell & buy study notes, mock tests, quizzes & previous years papers. Create and sell your own online courses.

  • Save your notes, quizzes & tests on PrepBin and keep them safe & secure forever.
  • Make new friends or invite your classmates to share study materials from anywhere to help each other in exams preparations.
  • Create & sell your own online courses.
  • Sell your old study notes, tests and quizzes.

How it Works?
Online save study notes, quizzes, papers and tutorials
Online save your study contents
Save your study notes, online quizzes, mock tests, question papers or anything you like to save with rich text, images, videos and files on PrepBin for free.
PrepBin is like a private online notebook, whatever you save is safe, secure and private.
Online save study notes, quizzes, papers and tutorials
Make friends and share posts
PrepBin is also a social network like Facebook. Here you can make new friends & keep in touch with classmates.
Share notes, quizzes, tests, images, videos & files with friends & classmates to help each other in homeworks and exams.
Make or join public/private study courses to share knowledge & discuss topics.
Online save study notes, quizzes, papers and tutorials
Sell your notes, tests & quizzes
Your study contents, your friends & many other students all over from India are on PrepBin. Thats make PrepBin a good marketplace for teachers & students to sell their study contents online.
Sell - Make package of your notes, quizzes and tests with some free previews & a appropriate package price. After approval, your package will be available on PrepBin for sell.
Buy - The needed friends and other students on PrepBin buy your package for their study.
Free previews, ratings & reviews help to find out a package quality before buying it.
some more way to earn on prepbin
Online save study notes, quizzes, papers and tutorials
Create and sell your own online courses
Make your own online course with a joining fee & share free & paid posts, in posts you can share info/questions, images, videos(YouTube or upload), audios, any files (PDF, doc etc) and your saved notes, exams, quizzes, tests in the course.
The free posts help users to get a overview of your course contents before joining it. But to see the paid posts they need to join the course & with each joining you earn money.
Free quizzes and mock tests
Free study contents for exams preparation
Teachers & students from all over India have shared many free notes, quizzes and mock tests for exams preparation.
Attempt mock tests, play quizzes to score & analyze your performance.
What's the benefit of using prepbin ?
Prepbin let you make your study notes online. So you can check them whenever or wherever you like.

Let's see some main benefits
  • Sell your study notes & earn money : Don't throw your old school or college classes notes. Sell those on prepbin and earn money.
  • Make once & Never lose : The notes, books and quizzes you make on prepbin are safe and secure and will be on prepbin for forever.
  • Access anywhere anytime : Keep your study with you everywhere you go. With prepbin you can check your study notes when you are traveling, sitting in a park, waiting for a friend at bus stand or anywhere you like.
  • Easy way to make notes : If the notes content is in text format, just copy and paste to your notes OR if can't copy then capture an image and save in notes. Isn't is easy :)
  • Effective way to make notes : You can use images, videos, audios, pdf files, text color or style in your notes to make it more attractive.
  • Share notes or any study materials with friends from anywhere, at any time to help each other in exams, homework and job preparations.
  • Make courses : Students study in groups generally learn faster than students study alone. So make or join public/private course with class friends and discuss new topics every day.
    Make Paid online courses with a joining fee & earn money with every join.
  • Make and share interesting quizzes : Online quiz program is aimed to encourage students to check their general knowledge and improve their performance & confidence for fresher's and experienced.
  • Explore knowledge : Prepbin is a sharing platform, you can find many interesting posts shared by other users on prepbin.

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